I love road trips, flea markets, record shopping, bunnies, slow mornings, The Beatles, Mexican culture (including Tex-Mex because, duh), vegan food, avocados, hummus, Texas wildflowers, incense, lavender scented everything, sunshine, vintage hotels, cactus gardening, rosé (all day), sun rises over sunsets, the color pink, girls nights, Wes Anderson films, a really great hug, good packaging, and dessert.

I strive to tell the story of the free spirited in all their natural beauty.

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I work in film and digital photography. Canon all the way! I always have my 50mm lens with me and my 40mm pancake lens, and my vintage AE1 film camera.

I travel to all of my photoshoots equipped with my Nena & Co backpack and camera strap. I'm a girl who needs the extra color and whimsy in her day to day.

(Photos by: Jana Cantua)

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