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I got into photography about 10 years ago when I was working for a boutique in Dallas (Favor the Kind) as a shop gal. I was fashion obsessed, and had been in retail basically all of my working life, but this was my first time working for a store that allowed everyone to have their hands in all departments. I was quickly drawn into marketing (mainly, photoshoots). I loved the planning, styling, working with models (who I wanted all to be my best friend), the execution of it all was such a high for me. I started at shoots steaming clothing, posing models, being hype girl for all my new friends, taking BTS shots & videos, until one day a camera got placed in my hands. I felt at home at shoots. I knew pretty quickly that this was the thing I was suppose to do. So thankful that store took a risk on me and opened me up to a whole new career and creative outlet. I shot exclusively for them for 6 years until I moved to Austin with my husband and started working on my own business. Once in Austin I added weddings and lifestyle photography to my services, and the same thing came into play; still wanted/want all my clients to be my best friends. I am so honored to get to come into so many lives and preserve moments to be re-experienced for generations.

On days off we take things pretty slow. Love a long, drawn out morning with loads of coffee and cuddles with our dogs, Lucy and Penny Lane. They are life. I don’t do much without them. Wouldn’t have it any other way. I love music. We are big vinyl collectors. If you come into our house, you’ll think we are pretty obsessed with The Beatles, and you wouldn’t be wrong. (I could go on forever, but honestly, you cannot argue that any other band that has graced this planet is cooler, better or more timeless.) I am vegan. Vegan junk food makes me really happy. I’ve never met an animal I didn’t like, or didn’t want to hold or pet. So clearly I don’t want to eat them or wear them.

My goal is to make you feel most like yourself. I want you to feel at ease with the process. We’re friends hanging out…I just happen to have a camera with me. I start off directing, then like to see what you do naturally. Especially when it comes to my couples. I love seeing how people’s energy feeds off one another. I want you to really see you when you get your gallery. The in-between moments are so special to me. I’ll have music going and I’ll have some inspiration with me so that you totally know what you’re doing. I won’t let you have the awkward moments, or at least, if you do, I’ll get you laughing out of it. I do not do major beauty editing. I get rid of small things that aren’t typically there, but the rest is you. And that you is beautiful.