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Fashion photography drives me. My love for photography started here, and it constantly pushes me creatively. Editorial work allows me to meet interesting people, and travel to new places…which I love to do! It always has me on my toes, every shoot is so different from the last. I like to stay fresh, and innovative to showcase evolving trends in unique ways.


I work to show real life and real emotion. I love shooting lifestyle portraits in my client’s homes, favorite weekend spots, places they love to travel, wherever they feel most relaxed and most themselves.


Nothing makes my heart pitter patter quite like exploring a new place. I am a huge fan of road tripping around Texas with my camera in hand and my husband by my side. My soul city is Marfa, TX. The colors are beautiful, the landscape is magic, the people are interesting, and you never know what could be around the next dusty corner. I am always searching for my next adventure!